06 November, 2010

Custom caricature drawing

Get a caricature of yourself in your favorite pose

Whether you want a gift that will thrill or you simply want to see how you'd look at a caricature, we will do it for you.

Caricatures are a unique and fun way to give the perfect gift that says you really cherish your friends and family. Why not grab a personal caricature for yourself? They're inexpensive, and you'll see exactly how you look in the eyes of others.

The caricatures are uniquely hand drawing and full of arts and gentle touch. Not like other caricatures online, we will give you full of satisfaction - genuinely and memorably.

What Can I Do with My Cartoon Photo?

There's nothing more exciting than watching a cute cartoon photo of our loved ones (family, kids, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend).
There's nothing more special than giving our loved ones a cartoon photo as a gift.

What else can I do with cartoon photo?
  • A gift for your friends',siblings',cousins',uncles' or anybody else on their wedding day.
  • A gift for your boss's anniversary, birthday or pension day.
  • A gift for your loved ones' birthday or anniversary.
  • A gift for your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • As a wallpaper to your PC or handphone.
  • And many many more.......




Black & white caricature

  • -Caricature drawing
  • -Black and white
  • -Whole body with an action
  • -Jpeg format (300 dpi)
USD15  USD8 (Promotional price until hmmm...I'll tell you later)


Color caricature

  • -Caricature drawing
  • -Digital color
  • -Whole body with an action
  • -Jpeg format (300 dpi)
USD20 USD13 (Promotional price until...I'll tell you later)


Color avatar

  • -Digital drawing
  • -Digital color
  • -Jpeg format (300 dpi)
USD25 USD15 (Promotional price until later you'll know)

Head Color Caricature

  • -Caricature drawing
  • -Digital color
  • -Neck & above caricature
  • -Jpeg format (300 dpi)
USD10 USD5 (Promotional price until I'll tell you later)


How to Order

To order your cartoon photo:

E-mail a clear and sharp (good focus), high resolution photo to be cartoonized to affilantis@gmail.com and choose your own body action at the bottom of this website (if necessary). You can always send us your own body action if you want to. If you are silent, we will draw the body action base on our own consideration.
Tips on choosing the photo to be cartoonized:
- Choose a photo which clearly display the details of the face area.
- Under-exposed (not enough light) picture is NOT a good choice.
- The bigger the resolution of the image is the better. (Do NOT enlarge smaller photos for us. Send the original file instead)
- The original file from a digital camera is usually a good choice.
- Photo taken with a digital camera is much preferred than a cellphone camera.
- Digital cameras should be at least 4 megapixels & the resolution must be set to high or fine or the largest number.
- Do not use digital zoom, just get closer to the object or use optical zoom if you have to.
Upon receiving the photo, we will send you a confirmation email and payment request.

A minimum of 50% down payment is required to start the project.
We accept PayPal.

You will receive your cartoon photo preview (PDF file) by e-mail 3 - 5 days after successful payment.
You may request for modifications if necessary after reviewing.

Once you're satisifed, we will send your cartoon photo files (JPEG) by e-mail.
(please settle the outstanding payment, if there's any, in order to receive the final version of your cartoon photo)


Other information

Payment, time and etc.

- After the payment had been made, please allow up to 5 working days for your order(s) to be completed.
- We will email your completed caricature/avatar in jpeg format. However, if you want it in another format please request.
- We use PayPal Email payments in which invoice(s) are email to you.

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